Iditarod Lesson

kianas_iditarod.jpgHere is a lesson plan based on the Iditarod. I used the book Kiana's Iditarod by Shelley Gill.

Here is the lesson plan. It was developed for second graders, but could be adapted for first to fourth graders.
Here is the vocabulary list that I developed for the lesson
This is a list of books available at the Peter White Library in Marquette, MI. You may or may not have same books in your community library so check ahead to see what resources you have available.

Iditarod Lesson Plan Click here to link to Google docs.

Poetry Unit

Here is a lesson plan that I am developing for Third graders on poetry.
Free Verse

Here is a quiz that I developed for final assessment of the unit. (note: I have not quite written the final lesson on Free Verse poetry. I had the students share the Free Verse poetry that they have found such as Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, etc.)

Flight Unit

This is part of a unit I am developing for my Science Methods class. The unit is on flight and is designed for seventh graders.


Constitution Unit

This unit is designed for fifth graders on the Constitution.

Integrating the Arts lessons

This lesson plan set is designed for second graders. The task was to incorporate the arts into my main subject matter lessons. The basic theme of the set is flight.leonardo-da-vinci-flying-machine.jpg